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What pictures to show and what pictures excite?

You can post up to eight pictures of yourself with PlayNaughty and you can upload any picture of yourself in JPG format to PlayNaughty. We will check all the pictures before they are published on the site and won't publish any that show children or bestiality. Pictures of cocks or female genitalia will not be published as picture one on the site though you can be as naughty as you like with pictures 2-8. Your first picture appears on all search listings within the site
If you have problems transferring your picture to our site, it may be due to the file size of your picture and the speed of your connection. We recommend optimising your pictures so that they are no more than 250kb size.
The screen below is the picture management system. When you click on the 'Browse' button, you can look through your own PC to find the picture you want to upload. Double click on the image to transfer the file address to PlayNaughty and then click on Upload to transfer the picture to the site.
Hotlist/Private Pictures Pictures 2-8 can be flagged to only be shown to your hotlist - and you chose who is on your hotlist. You need to upload your picture first, then select 'make private' . When you do that, the 'Make Private' button will change to 'Make public' and only people on your hotlist will be able to see your picture as shown in the screen below for picture 2 How do I remove my Pictures? If for some reason you want to remove your pictures simply replace them with suitable alternatives. How do I change My Pictures You can change your pictures at any time by simply uploading new ones. At the moment this service is free. It takes about a day to process your pictures and we will send you a confirmation e-mail once your picture/s have been uploaded and published on the site.
Not everyone has a scanner or digital camera. If you do not have a digital image that you can transfer to your computer, you can post us one or more pictures. We will scan them in and upload them for you free of charge. Send your pictures to

10 Orts Road

Make sure you put your site name on them, and tell us whether they are for your hotlist only and which position you would like them in. If you would like us to return your pictures, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.