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Home Page

The home page when you first log in has any important site messages.
You can quickly see how many mails you have not yet read and you can use the unread link to go directly to your mail box and check who has contacted you.
There is also a link to quickly find who is online now on the left hand side of the screen and to bookmark the site
Across the bottom of the screen you can see the most recent picture ones submitted to the site. Click on any of them to go directly to the members profile and find out more about them.
Across the top of the screen are the main site categories. Each of these is a link that you can click on at any time and from any point in the site

Search Page

When you first use the search function by clicking on the tab, you will see a screen like the one above. You can select as many or as few options as you like. Remember that the more specific you are, the fewer people you will find. Once you have set your search criteria, then next time you use the top search tab on the site, the site will produce you a list of everyone who meets the criteria you set originally, until you reset your criteria using New Search.
The search tool allows you to quickly find all the people on Play Naughty who might be of interest to you.
Of course you can select by age, gender, sexual orientation, by basic sexual interests and by all the standard things that might be relevant to you.
You can look for people who live near you if you have provided a postcode or zip code (never shown but used to calculate how far someone lives from you).
You can ask the site to only show results for people with a picture but to be fair, that option is only available if you have a picture yourself as picture one.
Within a search listing you can click on any pictures to take a look at their full profiles, mail them or chat to them if they are online.
The list of people from search is always ordered by those most recently on the site.
At any point within search you can use the Go Back button to go back one step.
New Search
This allows you to reset your search criteria. When you click on this option, all your previous settings are cleared down and you get a new search screen
Keyword Search
Keyword search allows you to find people who have specific interests that may or may not fall into our standard categories. So, you can search for bi-sexual women who are interested in domination or for well endowed single men. If you are interested in bukkake or in torture garden, why not search and see if you can find a like minded soul on PlayNaughty. We are still in the process of developing Keyword Search
Member Search
Remember the site name of someone you chatted with a week or so ago and want to check out their profile? Member search lets you type in their site name and read all about them.
Online Now
This shows everyone online, with the most recent people to log in at the top. Please remember that if members dont log out properly, our site will not know until their current session has timed out. So, if you try to chat to someone who looks as if they are online and they dont reply, youve probably just missed them. Why not send them a mail?

My Profile

When you first registered with PlayNaughty you will have been invited to complete your profile. If you have not done so already, now is your chance to make sure that all those horny people on PlayNaughty can find you and get to know more about you. If you click on the My Profile tab you will see that there are a number of sections on the left hand side, while the centre of the screen shows what your profile looks like right now.
Do spend time and fill in as much as possible. The free text sections allow you to be creative and use your imagination whilst the rest of your PlayNaughty profile provides basic information that will be of relevance to other member looking for like minded individuals. So try to provide an overview of you, of your sexual lifestyle and of what you are looking for online.
My Basic Profile
This section of your profile is the minimum you should fill in. It will allow other members to use search to find you and will mean that anyone checking your profile gets an idea of who you are and what you are looking for. Please make sure you fill in your postcode and the nearest town or city to you. We do not show your postcode to anyone, but it allows our site to calculate how far other members are from you. Without it, the location search will not work.
My Description
Heres your chance to be creative. You can write about yourself and what you are looking for in your own words. Make it as interesting as possible - its something that allows other people who want to contact you to say something relevant when they write.
We check all profiles before they are published so please dont write anything abusive or try to include your contact details
My Interests
This helps all members to quickly find people who have the same or complimentary interests as them. Simply pick where you feel you are on the scale.
Upoad a Picture
You can post up to eight pictures of yourself with PlayNaughty and you can upload any picture of yourself in JPG format to PlayNaughty. We will check all the pictures before they are published on the site and wont publish any that show children or bestiality. Pictures of cocks or female genitalia will not be published as picture one on the site though you can be as naughty as you like with pictures 2-8. Your first picture appears on all search listings within the site If you have problems transferring your picture to our site, it may be due to the file size of your picture and the speed of your connection. We recommend optimising your pictures so that they are no more than 250kb size. The screen below is the picture management system. When you click on the Browse button, you can look through your own PC to find the picture you want to upload. Double click on the image to transfer the file address to PlayNaughty and then click on Upload to transfer the picture to the site.
Hotlist/Private Pictures
Pictures 2-8 can be flagged to only be shown to your hotlist - and you chose who is on your hotlist. You need to upload your picture first, then select make private . When you do that, the Make Private button will change to Make public and only people on your hotlist will be able to see your picture as shown in the screen below for picture 2
How do I remove my Pictures?
If for some reason you want to remove your pictures simply replace them with suitable alternatives or click delete to leave them blank.
How do I change My Pictures
You can change your pictures at any time by simply uploading new ones. At the moment this service is free. It takes a short time to process your pictures and we will send you a confirmation e-mail once your picture/s have been uploaded and published on the site.
If you dont have a digital image on your PC
Not everyone has a scanner or digital camera. If you do not have a digital image that you can transfer to your computer, you can post us one or more pictures. We will scan them in and upload them for you free of charge. Send your pictures to
10 Orts Road

Make sure you put your site name on them, and tell us whether they are for your hotlist only and which position you would like them in. If you would like us to return your pictures, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.
My Hotlist
Your hotlist allows you to keep a record of people you are interested in. When you log in to the site, you will be able to see who on your hotlist is online. You can check who is on your hotlist at any time and remove people from the hotlist section of My Profile. Members who are on your hotlist can view your hotlist pictures and can also see that you are interested in them (and think they are hot).
People I have Blocked
If you want to hide your profile from other members, you can block them. Once you have blocked another member you will not be able to see if they are online or view their profile and nor will they be able to see you or view your profile. You can check who is on your blocked list at any time and can remove people from the list who you no longer want to remain hidden from. Blocking a profile does not alert us. If you find a member who is abusive or who you believe is soliciting or breaking our terms and conditions, please use the report this member link on their profile or write to
With PlayNaughty you can personalise your online settings at any time. You can change your password from here, change the number of pictures that are displayed (up to a maximum of 25 per page) and change your email. You can change these settings at any time You can choose to hide your profile from people who have not registered with play naughty (and from people who have registered on the site but are not full members).
Payment Details
You can find details of your current membership status here and a record of any money that you have paid us here. You can also find information about current pricing options and about how our payment system works.


If you want to know who has been checking out your profile or if you were chatting to someone you really liked, but cant remember their name, heres the area to look
Activity shows the most recent xx people to have had some kind of interaction with you. It logs all activity, from the profiles you have checked out, to those who have looked at you, mailed you or tried to chat to you.
Its divided into two sections. The symbols used are the same in both sections as follow:-
This person has mailed you
This person has tried to chat to you
This person has added you to his/her Hotlist
This person has checked your profile
Others interested in you
You can see who has been looking at your profile, who has chatted with you, who has added you to their hotlist and who has mailed you from the Others interested in you section. Its a great way to spot people who might be too shy to make the first move and get in contact yourself. If you click on the pictures of anyone listed in activity, it will take you back to their profile so that you can mail them or chat to them if they are online.
I was interested in them
If you need your memory jogged about someone youve tried to chat with or mail, look at the I was interested in them section. It works exactly the same way, but shows the profiles YOU have viewed and how you have made contact.
The date shown underneath the symbol will always be the date of the most recent activity - so for example if you have chatted to someone several times you will only see the most recent time!


With PlayNaughty you can chat online to anyone else who is logged into the site
To try chatting you can click on the chat button on the profile of anyone you are looking at OR you can click on the chat tab at the top of the screen and go directly to the chat menu and use the online now option to list people who are online and looking to chat OR you can search for people who are online and who meet specific criteria (e.g. are in a particular age band)
If you have the sound on, then when you have started a chat with someone you will hear a small alert when they reply. This can be set on or off from the My Profile Settings tab.
If you stay in the chat section of the site you will see a series of messages telling you what is happening with chats between you and other members.
Elsewhere in the site you will also see an alert in the top of the menu telling you that you have an unanswered chat.
Chat history allows you to see a snapshot of recent chats so that if you get disconnected or the other person leaves unexpectedly, you have a reminder of what has been said.
We advise you to get to know other members using site chat before moving to your own messenger services. That way, you will know something about them before you give out personal information.


With Play Naughty you can send mail confidentially without giving out your email address and without cluttering your in-box. Its a great way to get to know someone safely and securely.
We use an alert mail service to let you know that you have mail waiting. If you prefer not to receive these alerts, you can switch them off at any time the Online Settings section of the Profile page.
Mail that you get from other members will appear in your inbox. You can check out the profile of the member who has sent you by clicking on their picture.
Mail that you have not yet read will have an unopened envelope icon. Once you have opened your mail by clicking on the screen name of the person who has sent it, the envelope will appear opened to alert you to the fact that you have already read the content.
When you start to reply to a mail, you will be able to see the full conversation you have had by mail with the other person, so you can reply appropriately.
We clear down mail at regular intervals to ensure that the site stays fast, so please move any mail you want to keep to your archive.
You can delete mail that you have received and no longer need by checking the box next to their screen name and then using the delete button at the top. You can also delete messages as you read and reply
Sent Mail
Mail that you have sent to other members will be stored in your sent mail box until you delete it or we clear it down (usually after a month)
My Archive
Any mail that you have sent or received that you want to keep should be moved to your archive mail box. To help keep the site fast, we clear down any mail over 1 month old unless it is in your archive mailbox.
Waste Bin
You can delete mail at any time by moving it to your Waste Bin. We will automatically clear your waste bin periodically


Always use this button to leave the site. If you do not, other members will see you online for around 20 minutes as our system has no way of knowing if you are still using the site or not.
Be warned though, clicking on it will log you out immediately and you will need to re-log-in if you still want to chat.
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